One Thai Foods Co., Ltd. inspects, monitors, and analyzes our raw materials through finished products with high efficiency using the quality management system. Our products are inspected with 3 categories for every batch of production before delivery.

Physical characteristic

  • Bulk density (trap & free flow) Dispert ability,
  • organoleptic test,
  • particle size analysis

Chemical characteristic

  • Fat content,
  • pH value,
  • Moisture content

Microbiological characteristic

  • TPC
  • Yeast & Mold,
  • E Coli, Coliform

We are certified international standard as followingท : 


1. Continuosly research and develop existing products.
We, One thai foods Co., Ltd continually improve products by internal and external laboratory inspection with international standard quality system to ensure delivery high standard product to customer.

2. Research and development for new products.
Under globalization, One Thai Foods continually researches and develops products for new products with new innovations.

3. Research and development for new customer’s requirements.
We have a strong R&D team with experience and new innovation technology. We are ready to produce and develop products to meet all the needs of consumers' requirements.




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