Non-dairy creamer
d-ONE is high-quality and accepted internationally. Having modern technology production and being expert in research and developing products make it be able to meet all the customers’ needs.
Coconut milk powder
Our coconut milk powder is made with natural coconut, authentic-scented coconut milk and no artificial scent. Therefore, can be sure of the good quality and tastes that smell really good.
Bakery and beverage
With trust from customers, Onethaifoods has products that meet the needs of bakery and beverage customers.
Innovation Products
Non-stop development, Onethaifoods always strives producing new innovations. For instance, Foaming creamer, Plant-based non-dairy creamer, cold water soluble non-dairy creamer and many other things in the future.
"d-ONE", bakery and beverage products. Good taste, good feel.
"Prung" The taste of real coconut milk that everyone can access.
Products for a healthy lifestyle. Good taste, high benefits.




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