Product description
"Fibio" Fiber Creamer is a non-dairy creamer with high fiber. It adds a creamy and mellow flavor to a variety of dishes. It adds benefits to your favorite dishes without worrying about trans fats. It is also gluten-free and lactose-free.

Can apply with

  • Mix it into beverages to add creaminess, aroma, and nutrients.

Fine powder with mild milk aroma, 64%soluble fiber, 30% coconut fat, 3% milk protein. 

24 Months from packing date. And should be stored in an airtight container after unpacking.

Packing size
500 Grams Packed in a green aluminum sachet.

More information

  • The product is free of cholesterol, trans fats, gluten, and lactose.
  • Adds creaminess, aroma, and nutrients to your menu.
  • Suitable for people with a healthy lifestyle who want to enjoy the creamy taste.
  • This product is certified to international standards such as GMP, HACCP, halal, ISO 22000, and FSSC 22000.




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