Sweetened whipping cream powder - wholesale 1 carton




Product Description
"d-ONE" Sweetened Whipping Cream Powder has a delicious taste, a soft texture, and stays insoluble. used for decorating cakes, drinks, ice cream, and various baked goods. You can add color and richness to your favorite dishes, and it can be used in soup dishes as well.

Suitable for
- Decorating cakes.

- Mix in beverages.

- Used as an ingredient for baking or ice cream.

- Use whipped cream to decorate desserts and frappe.


Fine powder with mild milk aroma, 28% fat, 20% sugar, 26.50% glucose syrup

Shelf Life 

12 Months from packing date. And should be stored in an airtight container after unpacking.

Packing Size 

12,000 grams. (24 x 500g.)

How to apply with baking mixer

- Mix whipping cream powder 100 grams with cold water 200 ml.

- Whisk to stiff peaks form for decorating.

How to apply with cream whipper

- Refrigerate cream whipper

- Mix d-ONE Whipping Cream 120 g. with cold water 200 g. Screw the head evenly and firmly. Shake the dispenser a few times. 

- Put the gas canister on and gently twist the charger holder of the canister then shake it.

- Enjoy decorating cake, ice-cream or any beverages.

* If there is a problem with the goods or if you received the wrong product, please notify the shop. We will gladly change the product immediately without charge. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.

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