Fresh milk mixed berry smoothie

             Summer like this, One Thai Foods has a dessert that can cool you off, easily made and rich in Vitamin-C which is "Fresh milk mixed berry smoothie". A Top-hit dessert that gives you a lot of benefit from a fruit and various berries. We can assure you that you will a massive of vitamin and fiber!


Part 1: Berry smoothie

1. 2 ounce of syrup

2. 1 teaspoon of lemon juice

3. 1 ounce of water

4. 2 ounce of Sainampeung orange juice

5. 2 tablespoon of frozen strawberry

6. 2 tablespoon of frozen raspberry

7. 4 tablespoon of frozen blueberry

8. Small portion of salt

9. A glass of ice
Part 2: Fresh milk smoothie

1. 300 ml of RichMilk powder (RichMilk powder mixed with 250 ml of water).

2. 100 ml of whipping cream.

3. 5 g of gelatin powder or 3 pieces of gelatin.

4. ¼ teaspoon of salt

5. 30 g of sugar

How to make

Part 1: Berry smoothie

1. Add syrup, lemon juice, water, strawberries, raspberries and salt in a blender then blend it up.

2. Pour ice into the blender and blend it up.

3. Pour into a drinking glass then freeze waiting to be blended with fresh milk smoothie (Part 2)

Part 2: Fresh milk smoothie

1.Add RickMilk powder in hot water and syrup in a measuring cup then stir to mix them.

2. Pour the ingredient and ice into the blender and blend it up.

3. Pour fresh milk smoothie on the top of glass of mixed berry smoothie that you made in the first place.

4. Decorate the top of fresh milk mixed berry smoothie with mint leaves, fresh half strawberry, served with straw.

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