Coconut milk topping

        Whether mango sticky rice is delicious or not, it depends on coconut flavored sticky rice and mango. However, don’t forget that coconut milk topping which is poured on mango sticky rice is crucial too. Some shops may make Coconut milk topping too salty or the texture is too mushy and it’s not quite pleasure to eat. So, One Thai Foods has tips on how to easily make coconut milk topping.

1. Coconut flavored sticky rice and mango

2. 1 package of plain flavored coconut milk drink brand “Prung”

3. 30 ml of hot water
How to make

1. Pour unsweetened coconut milk drink powder into a mixing cup.

2. Pour 30 ml of how water into a mixing cup of plain flavored coconut milk drink to mix them.

3. Stir all the ingredients together, ready to serve!

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